Thursday, January 24, 2008

Hello, my name is Rachel...and I'm an addict

I remember being in English class at Taft Jr. High School in San Diego while the "cool girls" talked about the previous days episode of 90210. They even alluded to calling each other DURING the show. This idea perplexed me. I couldn't imagine watching something on TV while talking on the phone about what we were both watching at our respective houses. Since Jr High, I have yet to have one of those typical girl relationships. And I've been okay with that!

This is where everything will come together.....wait for it....Here goes. My mom and I started watching "America's Next Top Model" separately. A few seasons ago we discovered our mutual passion and have been the obsessive, giggly high school, teeny boppers ever since. It is amazing! I think it has actually improved our mother/daughter relationship. Yep. Over reality TV.

If it were just ANTM, you might not call me an addict, but it is actually about most reality TV in general. Others I love are "American Idol", "So You Think You Can Dance" (I'm here Benji, come find me), "Rock of Love" (I know, super trashy) and most dating shows.

When I lived in San Diego I found a soul mate in Callie Victor. She watches all the same shows and I had a live-in Jr High buddy! It is refreshing to find those kindred spirits, they make you feel like your addictions are normal. Is that what alcoholics and gamblers feel like?


Mrs. Eliza said...

Oh I love you!

meghan said...

other things we missed out on when we were living in the projects: 90210 as previously mentioned, mtv, any tv shows other than doctor quinn medicine woman (sully's mine so step off), nikes, actual radio because i truly thought kixy 96.5 soft adult tunes was the only station available, etc.
btw, you didn't mention rob & big, the funniest reality show currently on the tele