Sunday, March 23, 2008

Get to Know Me

I have some odd facts about me that you may not know. So get to know me! I thought it would be interesting to list some fun trivia that you may not know. I was totally inspired by my roommate Eliza's bathroom admission on her blog. I highly suggest checking that out too. we go!

1. I can spell any word backward. Except supercalifragilisticexpealidocious and antidisestablishmentarianism, those two are highly requested. I started doing this as a kid when I would look out the window as my mom drove. When you're a kid, buses are at eye level so I had plenty of practice material.

2. Whenever I see a string of numbers (addresses, phone numbers, church hymns, time, etc) I add up all the numbers in my head and see if they are divisible by 3.

3. I am a movie nut. I see about 3 or 4 new movies a week. Don't worry, I don't go to the theater 3 to 4 times a week. I have Blockbuster Online and I USE it! I also have a bad habit of buying movies...lots of movies. I bought "Enchanted" on Tuesday and I couldn't be happier. Now...where's my true love's kiss?!?

4. I totally believe in karma and the law of attraction. I used to want to get justice for everything that I saw as unjust, but now I know that everything will eventually work out. Karma's gonna git you, sucka!

5. I think I have a sub-conscious fear that I will wear down my teeth on one side of my mouth quicker than the other. Due to this fear I will divide my food evenly as to prevent any uneven wear and tear. Example: if I have 6 Skittles, I eat 3 on the right and 3 on the left. If I have 7 Skittles I eat 3.5 on the right and 3.5 on the left. Yes, I bite things like Skittles and M&M's in half. Leave me alone.

6. As I walk down the hall at school sometimes I give people head to toe makeovers in my head. It is really dumb and pretty judgmental, but whatev, I'm admitting it.

7. I never use the first stall in any public restroom because I figure it is probably the most used. Need I explain more?

8. I have a girl crush on one of my teachers at school. She's amazing! I think that everyone who knows her shares this crush so I don't feel like I'm admitting some deep, dark secret.

9. When I was younger my mom was very involved at our elementary school and they would have a cupcake sale every Wednesday. Her favorite thing to do was to show me off to the other moms. I can put a whole cupcake in my mouth without trouble. I don't even get any frosting on my mouth. What a talent! Also, one time I put 29 grapes in my mouth and then my sister made me eat them all. Don't be jealous of my skills, I'm SURE you have your own talents...somewhere.

I have plenty of more talents/oddities about me but you're probably overwhelmed at my awesomeness. You're welcome.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Oh you're SO neglected!

I haven't writen for a while now and I know you all have been eager with anticipation. "What's she going to say?", "What is she thinking", "I love Rachel". Those were examples of your recent thought processes, I'm sure. And by the way, I love you too. The internet on my computer has been super funky lately so I can't do a full Vegas review for you, yet. So, hold your breath until I can :) Love you! (Except for you, Meghan and Susan)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

An Open Letter

Dear Boy in my Film Class,

Would you please shut the hell up? Hearing your personal stories that never relate to class are a bit annoying and distract from my college experience (even though my sister says that UVSC isn't a real college, I still want to take advantage of the "experience").

All the best,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Soccer Anyone?

I never played soccer, but I know if I did...this would most likely be a video of me. I have always been an ardent supporter of my younger siblings soccer endeavors. The closest I came to any danger at a soccer game was when I almost got in a fight with a 14 year old boy playing against my brother. What?!? He was being rude so I called him on it and he told me to shut up so I called him a "snot nosed little brat who needs to learn some respect". I think my dad was proud of me. For once. (kidding)

Monday, March 3, 2008

Vegas Baby!

I'm going to Las Vegas next week for work! I'm totally excited! An agency is sending me down to Vegas to interpret during my Spring Break. I'm excited because I enjoy my alone time so it will be nice to get away and spend A LOT of time by myself. I know, weird, right? My mom said that even when I was a little girl I liked being alone. But, if you want to hang with me give me a call and we can play for the week. I'll have a hotel room so don't worry about that :) Well actually, boys, if you want to come you may need to get your own room. Or you can sleep in your car. Any suggestions for something fun and cheap to do in Vegas?