Tuesday, January 15, 2008

School, Home and living in Utah County

My life is extremely different now that I live in Utah. I was skeptical about my feelings regarding leaving San Diego, but I think I have found my niche. I am loving going to school full time (18 credits this semester! gulp!) and work is amazing. I still miss San Diego, but I miss the people more than anything.

So, I am in a really cool program called ACIPP (Advanced Certification Interpreter Preparation Program). The requirement for this program is that you must be a certified interpreter wanting to advance to a higher level of certification. The ACIPP pays for my school, gives me a living stipend and gave me an 80 GB iPod! The best part though....the classes, my peers and the teachers are amazing. I know that they will help to mold me into the super fantastic interpreter that I want to be. Hooray!

I live in what we lovingly refer to as "The Pink House". Our house is painted a light shade of pink, but I think that this coming Spring it will be repainted by me and my enthusiastic roommates. Repainted a much deeper shade of pink (if I have anything to say about it!!!) It is a bit odd to live in a house around here, unless you live with your parents, but I was lucky enough to run into an old friend who had an opening in her house. I adore my sweet roommates, it is such a great set up, I really couldn't ask for a better situation.

For work, I feel overly blessed. I interpret at my school AND just recently started team teaching a beginning ASL class at a local high school. I love interpreting and I am loving teaching so far. The students are WAY cooler than I ever was in high school.

I promise that after this, my posts will get way cooler and way funnier. Don't you worry, good ole' Rachel will pull through...you'll get a good ab work out reading my posts :)

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meghan said...

i almost squoze out a tear reading that. such positive thoughts about life in general. it's like reading my own mind on opposite day (next scheduled opposite day is tomorrow, and the next,etc.).
however, am "happy" for you. just don't get too comfortable down there: that's exactly what they want you to do