Friday, February 8, 2008

MeTube skimming over my blog you may think that I have some addiction to YouTube, but I don't, I swear! But I like these videos a lot and I watch them over and over because they make me happy. This will be one of the last posts to feature videos (maybe). Enjoy!

Love it!! I never really liked this movie anyway

There are a few others that are quite good, especially Karate Kid in 5 seconds

That kid will never live that down, ever.

Thanks to Camy for showing me this!!!

No comment :)

Poor dear. Poor, poor dear.


Mrs. Eliza said...

I love love love you. I'm glad I have you to weed out the bad youtubes and find the good ones and post them online for my personal enjoyment. Don't stop.

meghan said...

i will go on a strike if you never post a youyube video again. and you can quote me on that. biotch.

meghan said...

ps-teach me how to post videos.