Sunday, February 17, 2008

What's Your Secret?

A while ago I got a book called "Post Secret". Here's a quick synopsis for you; a man named Frank Something began an experiment that allows people to write down their deepest, darkest secret (anonymously) and send it to him. Sounds kinda odd and suspicious, right? Well, it is a big hit. He printed a bunch of postcards that are blank on one side with his address and directions on the other. The directions basically state:
  • You can't have ever told anyone your secret
  • Remain anonymous
  • Decorate it, make it your own personal canvas

Some of the secrets are sad, some are uplifting and some are just kooky. I love it! The website is updated every Sunday with new secrets. The one posted above was from today and, of course, it touched me. I am so happy that they chose to include this on their post.

So, being inspired by my lovely roommate Eliza, I will share a secret with you. (Lucky). Here goes...I currently have a very unhealthy crush on a married man. There you have it! Whew! Very refreshing to get that off my chest :) Have a great week!


Tira said...

rachel. it will never happen. we have been married for quite a while need to move on. the first step is admitting it though... at least you are making progress..

Mrs. Eliza said...

I wish everyone that I like could sign...I admit, those I don't like, I enjoy telling secrets about in sign right in front of them. Maybe they understand....

meghan said...

i won't post my secret until you tell me who you have the damn crush on! you can't just do that to me. if it's our dentist then that doesn't count because everyone knows you have a crush on him.