Friday, July 25, 2008

God Save the Queen

Down the street from my office building is a Hilton Hotel. I walk past it often on my way to an amzing eatery called Cosi which we sadly do not have in Utah. In one of the lobby windows they display a table with lovely place settings and a framed picture of Queen Elizabeth II. There is also a sign that invites you to "dine like a queen" blah, blah, blah and stay in the suite where she once stayed.
Today there was a man leaning against the display case window talking to the Queen. The closer I got, I realized that he was not only talking to her, he was trying to "pick her up." I didn't want to be the one to tell him that - A. She's not available B. She's a bit out of his league C. He was talking to a framed photograph, not the real person. I just didn't have the heart to, but I gave him a smile and a thumbs up. Hopefully they will connect soon and then...who knows?


Mrs. Eliza said...

No way!

Susan said...

Eliza that's all you've got, "No Way!"? We're talking about a crazy old man having a conversation with a display case that holds a photo of the Queen! That's pretty serious.

Megan Marie said...

When I read this bloggy post. I wished I was you in DC. I kind of wish that a lot, but never more than when I read this. Oh man. You are my hero.