Friday, August 22, 2008


So sorry about the long blogging dry spell, I've had a bit of a tough time lately and have been avoiding many things in my life. BUT, good news....I'm back, with news to boot. (where did that stupid phrase "to boot" ever come from?)

I will be starting a VERY hectic schedule next Wednesday. I have recently been hired at UVU as a full time faculty Guest Lecturer for the Languages Department. I will be teaching 10 credit hours this semester and will be in charge of the language mentors of the ACIP Program. Also, I will be interpreting 17 hours/week, taking 15 credit hours and teaching at the high school 10 hours/week. Yikes! I am scared but completely up for this challenge. Sorry mom and dad, with no time for a social life I don't think I'll be getting married any time soon.

I can't believe that my teachers think that I can co this, they are the ones that suggested me for the position. I am overwhelmed at the honor. I will just have to do my best to make sure I'm saying my prayers, I don't want to let anyone down. There goes my sleep :(


Travis and Kat Cook said...

Rachel you're awesome!! I'm so proud of you and the exciting semester you have ahead of you. I know it'll be tough being so busy but you can do it! Like you said, you've got an awesome support group to be your cheerleaders, so rah rah rah... Goooooooooooo RACHEL!!!! I love you!

Cory and Nicki said...

REBUTTAL: ok so I know this was a while ago but I felt it was innappropriate to write about it on your last post... :) so here it goes.... I may have freaked you out about sharks when we were beach camping but last year where we went beach camping a great white killed a swimmer.. So you should be thanking me :) Hero Nicki or lifesaver will do! :) Your welome!

Tira said...

can you say "overachiever"? you'll do awesome...but you might not have time to be popular anymore... love you!