Monday, September 29, 2008

I Need A Vacation!

So I'm taking one! Fall break (a mini spring break in Utah) is Oct 16th and 17th so me, Kat and Lizzy are going to Vegas! I'm SO excited! The last few times I've been there I have gone for work, this time is just play, shop, lay out, shop and eat! (some of my favorite things) I was thinking of going to DC but Hannah tells me that her brother will be in town and if I can't have ALL of her attention, I'm not going. I'm sooooo excited! Las Vegas has an H&M and being that I'm single and selfish, I plan on doing some damage. I'd love to say that I'll bring you something but, let's face it, I won't. Have a great day!


Jonas and JJ Huff said...
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Kristine Elaine said...

Sure wish you were coming to DC...Vegas is so over-rated. Although the weather there might be just a little bit better

Eliza said...

I told Nordstrom that I could work but they're not sure if they will have work for me. If they do I'm going to work.