Thursday, September 25, 2008

Beer me.....

Sigh. Life keeps getting better. The Office is back, tomorrow is Friday and my friend Sarah is coming to town this weekend. Please leave your thoughts about tonight's episode in the comments section, I'm so curious to know what you think! I thought it was great and I LOVE JIM HALPERT. It's true, he needs to know me.


Mrs. Eliza said...

Jim and Pam getting engaged!
Rice-a-Ronnie getting fired and Ryan becoming the receptionist!
Michael's facial hair.
Kelly eating a tape worma and passing out.
Kelly making out with Derrel infront of Ryan.
Dwight and Angela getting it on the warehouse--how does no one notice? Pam would've noticed.
Phillis becoming head of the PPC. (Party Planning Commitee)
Pam showing Rice-a-Ronnie where the colored paper clips are.

simplyjulz said...

Sadly I have moved on from the office. i think the extremely awkward dinner party last season did me in. I'm a dedicated scrubs girl now.

Great Scott's! said...

okay last night was so fun!!! must do it again and soon love ya and you know why i love the office