Monday, September 8, 2008


I've thought this for a while but now it's time to let the public know....I've decided I need to have a Reality show about my life.  I'm not going to do anything to pursue an actual show but those of you that know me know that I provide PLENTY of fodder for a show.  My life is so ridiculous that there would be plenty of material and sometimes I think that all the stupid stuff that happens to me couldn't be penned by some writer.  My life is just far too humorous.  

This idea first came to light when Kristy and I spent every waking moment together.  We did and went through some really crazy stuff and were addicted to "Laguna Beach", therefore the idea of us having a Reality show came to light.  It would have been awesome.

Where Kristy is now married and has a little babe on the way, my life is far from your typical 26 year old Mormon girl in Utah.  I say and do some of the funniest thing and I'm pretty sure we'd have a hit show if someone would just follow me around with a camera already!  It wouldn't be racy enough for MTV or VH1 (they have some really slutty stuff sometimes) so I'm sure it would have to be on an old lady channel like Lifetime.  Sigh.

A few months ago there were auditions held here for the show The Bachelor and Shanna dared me to go.  I didn't, for 2 reasons.  I'm not going on some show where I could potentially "fall in love" (quotation marks added because their relationships never last beyond the finale of the show) with some non-LDS guy.  AND, hello!  I need my own show, Rachel will not share the spotlight with 24 other girls.  Thanks for reading, I love you.


Mrs. Eliza said...

You shouldn't have to share the spotlight with anyone. LOL! You are so funny, you do need your own show. Well, until then at least you've got your own blog that makes me laugh. It's a close second to your own show.

Kristy said...

I would totally watch your show! I think Lifetime would L-O-V-E to have you on your channel. I, on the other hand would be too boring these days for any channel. Sigh. My reality days are now over. I guess I can always try to get on A Baby Story or Bringing Home Baby. I better get on that soon!

Travis and Kat Cook said...

I agree with Liza! You shouldn't have to share a show with anyone! You're awesome enough to be the only one standing in the spotlight. It was sooo good seeing you today! I love you more than anything! P.S. I think the episode of signing karaoke of your show would make it on MTV/VH1. Our rendition was nasty enough to make it on that channel. Don't ya think?

Great Scott's! said...

Oh Rahcel it is so true that you should not share a spotlight with anyone!!! Really I was hoping you'd go down there and have so much charisma that they would want you to be the next bacholerette(no idae how to spell that) Then you could set the requirements for your man, then you could be the star of your own show along with 25 other gorgeous guys. Wait what am I talking about that is your life. Well I agree you should have your own show, but they'd probably want me to make lots of camios so i'd be willing, I'm funny on occasion too :)