Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I Love My Dad

Today is Veteran's Day and for most people it is an excuse to not go to work. They seem to forget the reason for the holiday which is to honor military veterans of the greatest nation on Earth. I am so proud to call myself the granddaughter and daughter of veterans. They all served proudly and willingly. They went into dangerous situations, were away from their families and missed important events to serve their country. I am so proud of their selfless natures and the fact that despite all they went through, they still have instilled their fierce love and pride of this great country in me and my siblings.  

I took this picture over the summer while I was in Washington DC. I was touring Arlington National Cemetery and was overwhelmed at the spirit I felt. I saw this headstone and immediately thought of my dad, Gary Irvin Johnson. Pretty awesome middle name, right? It is his dad's first name and they both served honorably in the military.  I love my dad and am so impressed by his military career and how he juggled it along with raising our fantastic family.  I am so grateful to my dad because of all he has taught me about life, the gospel and who I am.  I am also supremely grateful for his military service.  In a day and age when my peers mock and degrade our nation, it's leaders and values, I am proud to stand up and defend what we have.  If I didn't, I wouldn't be worthy of a Veterans Day.  

Thank you Dad, Grandpa Johnson and Grandpa Sawyer.  I love you and I love this country, I hope I can make you proud.


Dave Allbee said...

Well, I think you've convinced me to join the military/ My dad has told me a few times he wishes he had had military experience.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

I'm going to join the military. Maybe bootcamp will get this kid out of me.

The Starrs said...

I love Gary Johnson! Please tell your dad thank you for serving our country.