Monday, November 17, 2008

To My First Loves....

As a young girl you have dreams of being saved from the awful boredom of your life by Prince Charming. Often times Prince Charming took form in actors from the now defunct T.G.I.F. (thanks ABC, we all loved it while it lasted). This post is a dedication to the special men from my youth who made me dream and hope that someday my very own Uncle Jesse would come.
This is Devon Sawa, my sisters and I would rent the movie Little Giants incessantly and then fight over whose boyfriend he was. I'm the biggest girl out of all of us, but I'm pretty sure he never ended up being mine. You may also recognize him from Casper, which I hated mainly because Christina Ricci's dumb dad ruined everything for him.

Theo Huxtable....dang. I loved him, even when it came out that he had dyslexia. I think it made me love him more. He was just so cool and funny, sigh. The Cosby Show is still totally hilarious but I'll admit sometimes I catch myself watching reruns just for this guy.
I'm going to get in trouble with my sister Meghan for this one. Anyone else remember Sully from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman? Be still my heart! We (all the girls in my family) LOVED him! He was so brave and wild and we didn't understand the tempestuous relationship he had with Michaela Quinn but we wanted it to work SO badly! I normally like the clean cut look but for Sully, I'll make an exception!
Need I really explain this one? Who didn't love JTT? Even at 13 this kid had it going on! I hated the show Home Improvement but would still watch it just to be able to stare at him a little bit every week. What ever happened to him? Is he still single? While I'm in LA stalking Jim Halpert maybe I'll swing by JTT's place and make sure everything is going alright.
I don't care what anyone else says, Christian Bale has been mine since Newsies! Yum. Luckily, my sister liked Spot Collins (leader of the Brooklyn gang) better so there wasn't a ton of fighting over Christian. I'm completely creatively blocked right now because I'm missing the perfect words to describe my love. Christian, I know you read my blog religiously so for whatever reason you're holding back, I'm ready. Come get me!
Remember Cody from Step by Step?!? He was a total idiot on the show but also totally hot, so really it all balances out! In the show he had a crush on his step cousin and she never liked him back and I remember thinking that she was the biggest moron this world had ever produced. Hey, when you're 12, looks are the ONLY thing that matter!
Zack Morris....what do I say about him? He was the first love of many girls in my generation despite his tight jeans and giant cell phone. When Kelly dumped him for the manager of The Maxx I desperately wanted to be the one to console him. When they got married in Vegas I wanted to scratch her face off. Zack Morris was probably on more games of M.A.S.H. than any other teen heartthrob and for good reason!
For me, this is saving the best for last. Uncle Jesse from Full House was the first man I had a crush on as a little girl. Even when he had the mullet and the Elvis obsession was a bit over the top, my devotion was there. Can I even begin to describe the jealousy I felt toward Aunt Becky? She got to marry him and kiss him! Have mercy!

I'm sure I'm forgetting some but this is just a quick list of the guys who held my heart for many, many years. Unfortunately when you love a TV character, real life boys tend to fall short. At least that is my far.


rebecca said...

can i have sully please?

Jay-Dub said...

This post is AWESOME! Zack, Sully, JTT, Uncle Jesse, the boys from Newsies! Thanks for resurfacing those memories. I am going to have some sweet dreams tonight!

Eliza said...

Ummm I've loved Christian since Newsies! He is mine! and didn't uncle Cody end up being a murrderer or some child molester or something? Yuck!

PS I think this wins best blog post!

Great Scott's! said...

Oh WOW!! Well Rachel lets just say you are forgetting someone. So I would appreciate you going through and adding him, who you ask...Benny from Sandlot, and since you are athletic, and a girl, I know you know this one. I also loved YaYa and squints. And I totally name droppes Christian Bale a few blogs back claiming him before you, and I once watched newsies 5times in one day, always salivating over their last kiss, lucky bad acting girl! So for future reference :)

Kat said...

haha I love how everyone is fighting over Christian. I was totally obsessed with JTT. I may have already told you this but when I was 13 I wrote him a letter and he sent me back some stupid postcard with his name signed on it. Very generic. My best friend and sister got the same one. So much for caring... JTT you ruined my life!!!

Jerilyn said...

OK as far as Christian Bales goes, girlies... while I have not blogged about him like you and Shanna have, I hold him sacred to my heart. Others like you have mentioned, have come and gone, but Christian has been there through thick and thin, will always hold my heart.

btw...(the other Chrisian (slater) was up there for a while- but then he got weird)

Linda said...

Girls, Girls, I'm so disappointed that Johnny isn't on the list, but that leaves him for me, so THANK YOU. By the way, Wiki states: Bale is especially noted for his cult following. The tenth anniversary issue of Entertainment Weekly hailed him as one of the "Top 8 Most Powerful Cult Figures of the Past Decade", citing his impressive cult status on the internet. Momma says: He's a great actor, after all, he IS from Pembrokeshire, Wales. Gotta love the English!

Linda said...

Oh, sorry, Sully called the other day and said you were all too young for him. We're going to dinner Thursday.... haha