Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Wrap Up

Don't worry, this won't be long. I know I have had an eventful year but now it all feels so routine that I feel like it has actually been quite boring. And away we go....

  • Went to Washington, D.C for about 7 weeks to learn more about ASL interpreting and to have an adventure
  • Got a part time teaching job at American Fork High School
  • Was offered and accepted a faculty position at UVU
  • Saw lots of friends get married and have babies
  • Made some pretty important life decisions
  • Spent much of the Fall semester trying to not pull my hair out with all the new responsibilities 
  • Made and lost a few friends
  • Regained those friends I lost
  • Strengthened my testimony of my Heavenly Father and my Savior...this was the best part
2008 was a good year, but I think 2009 will be MY year!  Have a happy and safe New Years, I love you very much and am grateful for your friendship!

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Dave Allbee said...

Good luck with this year! Hopefully you don't get too stressed out with everything :)