Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Not for the Sober

After a lovely wedding reception last night I went to Applebees to eat some half priced appetizers and enjoy some more lovely company.  It ended up being karaoke night, apparently it is every Tuesday.  At first I was a bit annoyed but it was really fun!  The picture below is how drunk people do karaoke and let's face it, karaoke is for them and them only.
I know the guy who was running the show, he is also an interpreter.  Just to be funny I signed to him "I want to trick my friend, can you announce his name?"  So, it went something like this, "Up next we have our first ambush karaoke!  Singing for us will be Jordan Barton!"  
The freaking out and refusal ensued.  It was hilarious!  Until the DJ actually got people chanting his name and pounding the tables.  Yikes.  I was not expecting that!  Just a name announcement, that's all I asked for!  He was pulled onstage by a table partner (Par)....
....and together they sang "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer".  It was awful, Par is from France and had never sang the song before and I'm pretty sure Jordan needed his glasses.  BUT, the little dance he kept doing made up for messing up the words.
Jordan, thanks for being such a good sport about it.  Please don't feel like you need to get revenge or anything, that's just not necessary, because while you may have resisted, it still ended up being something really great.  Right?  (I'm trying real hard here to convince you to not get me back in any way!)  Merry Christmas!


Eliza said...

I'm so sad I missed it but the picture of the first guy was the worst singer I've ever heard-even worse than me and I heard him do two songs!

Great Scott's! said...

hmmmmmmmmmmm. call me.

Anonymous said...

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