Sunday, December 28, 2008

One More Week!

I planned on going back to Orem yesterday afternoon but I have been snowed in! I wanted to leave before it got dark yesterday but it was snowing. In Logan if it is snowing it means you better not try to make it through Sardine will lose. So I decided to leave after church today. It started snowing while I was helping my mom in Primary! Sigh. I must leave tomorrow! I love being with my fam but I need to get back because....
A new semester starts in a week! I'm not ready at all! I haven't even started any of the syllabi (plural of syllabus y'all) for the 3 classes I'm teaching and writing a syllabus, making a schedule, coming up with lesson plans, etc takes SO MUCH work! I am very excited though! I get to teach 2 interpreting classes and I think I am really going to love it. That doesn't mean I don't need your prayers....I need those the most!
I'm feeling very optimistic about this next semester, I think there are good things in store for me. It's just a feeling (which have been totally wrong before) but I'm going with it!
Good luck to all of you still in school! You'll make it!


Eliza said...

You also need to get back to Orem so that I can see you again! I miss you!

Dave Allbee said...

I hope this next semester is more positive for you than the last one