Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stay in Utah?

I read an article online today about the top 10 cities to live in for continued salary increases and job security.  Check it out!

#7  Provo-Orem, UT - pop. 210,670 - 9.7% avg. salary increase
Benefiting from the innovative brain-power of Brigham-Young University, the information service industry in this city has been fueling rapid growth over the last five years. Business investment in the tech sector remains strong, which should help Provo-Orem ride out the, slowdown in good form.

#9  Salt Lake City, UT - pop 180,651 - 9.2% avg. salary increase
Like Raleigh, Salt Lake City boasts great tech and government jobs. In addition, health care (Intermountain Health Care) and education (University of Utah) add extra spark to SLC's economic fire. Based on this, expectations are high that wage growth will remain comparatively strong.

Read the whole article here


Dave Allbee said...

2 great reasons you should stay in Utah!

Kat said...

I'm stayin here for a little while, so should you. :) Besides, if you moved, I'd miss you too much. Look what happened to me while you were in D.C., I was a wreck!

Linda said...

Rachel, Rachel....

St. Augustine said "The world is a great book, and he that never leaves home reads only a page". Go on a humanitarian travel expedition. Check it out. It's not travelling in the traditional sense. It's so much more!

Actually, nevermind, Kat would miss you too much, and that would make me sad to see her sad. :)

Lindsey said...

i don't think all the brain power is coming from byu. really have you meet some of the boys that go there??