Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stolen Tag

I stole this from Jerilyn, it's 25 things about ME.  I'm an open book so I'm sure that this is nothing new for any of you!

1.  I own 56 pairs of shoes but I probably only wear 42 of them regularly.  (I counted)
2. All the professions I have wanted to be since I was little: an actress, a caterer, a chemist, a mom, a pathologist, a lobbyist and an interpreter.
3. Several of my friends ex-boyfriends have been scared of me...and rightly so, I will cut them if I ever run into them!
4. I have never, ever dyed my hair.  I love my natural color but I'm thinking I want to dye it black.
5. I almost got my butt kicked when I was in 8th grade during gym class by a big, scary girl.
6. I want to be on "What Not to Wear" or "Extreme Makeover" but I know I'm not tragic enough to be on either.  I guess that's a good thing?
7. I want the library from "Beauty and the Beast", and the time to read all the books.  (and her pretty yellow dress!)
8.  I hate camping and hiking but I like most other outdoor activities.
9.  One day my senior year in high school I left school after lunch to go tanning at the beach (growing up in San Diego has it's perks).  I was in a bikini (don't you judge me!) and I had untied my straps to avoid tan lines.  While laying there I was startled when a little doggie ran over my belly, causing me to jump up and flash several people sitting close by.  Luckily(?), it was only families and not drunk college guys.  Poor, unfortunate families.
10. I love, love, love, love, love movies and people that will watch them with me.
11.  Check out my uneven shoulders the next time you see me, I have scoliosis!  Most people don't notice unless I point it out and they're really shocked when they see how uneven they really are.
12.  The Geico cavemen commercials creep me out.  I hate them.
13.  I'm far too sassy for most of the boys around here.
14.  I keyed a car a few years ago.  I was dating a guy, not seriously but we saw each other several times a week.  He called me one day to go over to his house and he let me know that he had proposed to another girl he was dating.  I keyed his truck on my way out.  It was only about three inches long and I doubt he ever noticed and it didn't really make me feel better, but I think it's pretty funny now.
15.  I don't have a middle name and I have always wanted one!
16.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when you're waiting in a line and someone in front of you doesn't move up when people in front of them move forward, creating big gaps in the line.  Does that make sense?  It drives me nuts!
17.  I really want to be a good singer.
18.  The last few guys I have dated have been emotionally immature.
19.  I want you to like me, but if you don't, I know it's your problem, not mine.
20.  In 7th grade I read "Gone with the Wind" over the two week Christmas break.  It's over 600 pages with tiny print.  I'm a total nerd but I would absolutely do it again!
21.  For many years I have hated peanut butter but lately I have been teaching myself to tolerate it.  I can only eat it on toast and it has to be chunky.  Definitely no chocolate/PB combination.
22.  If possible I would eat out everyday for every meal.  I LOVE going to restaurants!
23.  I'm a sucker for boys who are good dressers and know how to dress themselves.
24.  My favorite flowers are tulips and daffodils.
25.  Bad grammar and spelling get under my skin more than anything.  I really hate it when people say stuff like, "my husband and I's first date".  It is grammatically impossible to say "I's" but people still do!  If you do this, please know that I am very disappointed.

I tag any and everyone!  I love learning these hidden facts about my friends!

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Crazy McWife said...

Do you have facebook? I just barely did this on fb and it was fun! You are hilarious by the way. :) You know what annoys me- people who go through the "10 items or less" line with like 30 items! Grrrrrr....