Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Stuff and More Stuff

I feel like lately people have been making a big deal about how much "stuff" I have. Yes, I have collected a fair amount of material possessions in the many years I have lived away from home.

I don't care about any of it. Not one bit.

Sometimes I sit in my room and look at my stuff and I realize that money and "things" definitely don't buy happiness. I didn't grow up in the lap of luxury and I always hated hearing "money doesn't buy happiness". It made me mad! As a dorky, poor middle schooler I wanted more than anything to have cool clothes, not hand-me-downs or stuff from Goodwill.

Now that I'm in a more comfortable position with my finances, I completely understand the meaning of the phrase. I would trade it all - my closet full of clothes, my furniture, everything - to have what I truly want.  Relationships with people matter.  A shirt will never make me as happy as my family and friends.

I'm happy being me and I know that my things don't define me, except to reflect what a hard worker I am.  Get to know me, don't only see my stuff and judge me based on your perception.  

Get to know Rachel.


Dave Allbee said...

I don't know.... I think a woman's shoes say a lot about who she is...

McCall B. said...

Daniel Tosh is an amazing comedian who says, "people who say money can't buy happiness have obviously never lived in America. Have you ever seen anyone sad while they ride a wave runner? No." But in all honesty you are right, you can live without all that stuff, but you can't live without people you love.