Thursday, February 19, 2009

Cake Wrecks

You may have noticed that I added a new blog to follow called Cake Wrecks. Or you may not have noticed. Fine. Either way, I suggest you check it out. It features cakes supposedly "professionally" done which have then been sold or put on display. Some of them I just can't believe would be called professional but I guess the author of the website researches each one to ensure they stay true to the goal of the site.

This one is a cupcake cake and I'm guessing it was for a baby shower or something. I would die if that was the artist's rendering of my sweet baby girl! Notice it also says "gril" instead of "girl". Who would want their kids face to be made out of german chocolate frosting?!?  Unless that kid was born with a seriously wonky eye, I'd be asking for a refund.  Awesome. Check out the blog, she updates constantly!


Eliza said...

:) I love German Chocolate frosting! But you're does look terrible.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

"serious wonka eye.." Haha!

Jerilyn said...

that face makes me want to gag a little.