Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey Norm!

Today is not the birthday of famous American painter Norman Rockwell, but today celebrates People Who Live Well (I'm not making this up).  My boy Norm is on the list of being celebrated for living well and encouraging those around him to live well.

My dad bought my mom a coffee table book full of all his paintings when I was about nine. I have looked through that book countless times and I love, love, love his work. When my dad brought that book home for my mom, he made sure to bring each kid their own print, this one was mine....

I love it! I think it fits me perfectly! I think my older sister got some girl putting on makeup or something, I prefer mine. Click on it to enlarge so you can see why I love it so much!

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Dave Allbee said...

Ya, I clicked on it to enlarge the picture, but it just opened a window with the picture as the exact same size. You might want to look into that. But I agree, Normal Rockwell is an awesome artist.