Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fight of the Century

Yep, the fight of the century is between the ShamWow host and TV personality Billy Mays who previously pitched a similar product called Zorbeez. Check out the article here

Seriously?  They are selling washcloths!  Worth it?  I think not.  


Kat said...

Not just ANY washcloth, Rachel! It is soft enough to use on your car, or your baby's bottom! It is tough enough to get out even the most stubborn stains on your carpet, and it can be used over and over and over, for multi-purposes. Just rinse and repeat! It's the last washcloth you'll ever use, and you'll save money on water since you're not washing so many towels! Except when you lose it. Then you'll have to get another one.
Okay fine, it's really not worth it. :)

Mark and Callie said...

Ha ha, Ok i totally agree with Kat. But i must say I am a big shamwow fan. Vince is so much better than Billy Mays. Ok, so I also watch a lot of tv. If you are a true shamwow fan like me, you will enjoy this video

Jerilyn said...

I gotta go with ShamWow too, my brother has been wanting one for a while now, and he just got one for his birthday last week. He has never been happier.