Thursday, March 26, 2009


I find this picture extremely disturbing. Why would we allow a foreign nation to purchase our debt? The debt that we got ourselves into. I take very little responsibility for adding to that debt but I still see the danger in allowing another country to basically have some sort of ownership over us by bailing us out.

I feel like I'm going slowly insane when I hear stories like this, or more about bailouts, or CEO's of financially and morally bankrupt companies giving themselves HUGE bonuses. I love America but what has happened to us? People seem to think this all happened overnight but it has been building up for many years. You can't just have an overnight housing crisis. A crisis is a natural disaster that no one saw coming but this so-called crisis was orchestrated by the greedy mortgage companies who knew it was going to happen, even as they padded their pockets even more.

I want a good life for myself and any family I may have in the future...but what sort of future will be left? You want to think that if you live your life right, pay your taxes and teach your kids good values that everything will work out. Lately I'm beginning to think that it's the opposite. Be some lying, cheating administrator for a huge company and you and your family will be fine. God bless America.

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Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

If everyone would just listen to Ron Paul the world would be a better place. We should let the banks fail and we will only go into a recession for a year or two. Why fix the something that wasn't working in the first place. However, the banks are the the governments sugar mammas, so of course their survival takes precedence. Goodbye prosperous nation, hello New World Order. New focus: Getting my "house in order"

Kat said...

That's why I'm moving to Hong Kong. (**side note for people who have no idea where Hong Kong is or anything about it, it's near China, but not under it's rule.) Also, I don't support what's going on. I think the people who made their mistakes need to see the repercussions of their actions, not the beach from their new yacht they purchased from the bailout money.