Sunday, March 1, 2009

What Goes Around

Lately I've been thinking about karma and the notion that bad things still happen to good people.  We all know that bad things happen to good people because I'm guessing you, my lovely and faithful reader, consider yourself to be a good, if not great, person.  You have had your share of heartbreaks and personal tragedies.  

If bad things never happened to good people, don't you think life would be near perfect?  No one would dare step out of line for fear of something bad happening!  From time to time though, I still want bad things to happen even more frequently to nasty people!  Because sometimes I wonder.....

What's the point of being good?!?!?  Is karma real????  I just don't know.


Eliza said...

Awesome pic.

I like to think karma is real even if we don't see it "coming around" to others. I think karma has no sense of time...karma likes to mosey on down the road. Sometimes I feel like yelling at Karma hurry the heck up!

Great Scott's! said...

Well put, my deep friend. Karma is out there.... The older I get the more often I see it. The word touche comes to mind. Plus "Karma" is a great way to govern anger, sadness, mood changes, and our egotistical natures. I know I've had my fair share of karma as well. I guess it's a gift of life.