Thursday, April 30, 2009

Dear Campus Employee Complaining Loudly About Your Wedding (henceforth known as CECLAYW),

We, the students and workers in the school ice cream shop, all appreciate the loud, obnoxious way you let everyone know how stressed you are.  CECLAYW, we all feel really bad that "working, going to school and planning a wedding that is in, like, two weeks" is so tough on you.  Who would have thought that getting married two weeks after finals would not be the cake walk of your dreams?  My sincere apologies and hopes for, like, a brighter day tomorrow.  Try to ease the stress because, CECLAYW, you don't want to break out right before the big day!

Lots o' love,


Hannah said...

could you hear me complaining about wedding stress all the way in Utah? SORRY!

Great Scott's! said...


Jerilyn said...

hahaha I love it. You crack me up!