Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Love Her

I love calling my dear friend _______, complaining about my love life and having her so sweetly remind me that at my age she was dating a drug dealer and was working on a cruise ship.  She's now married to her soulmate with one of the most adorable babies I've ever met.  Yeah, no more complaining for me!  

Thanks for the reminder, you are the best!  I can't wait to see you guys!  
( I get first dibs on babysitting, I'll wrestle your mom for it)

(I left her name out because I'm not sure she wants EVERYONE to know she used to date a drug dealer)


Eliza said...

You can tell everyone it was me....I mean who know, next year I could be dating a drug dealer (hopefully not). But who knows, I dated a guy that wrote an anti-Mormon paper for his English class and worked at a Bar.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

That girl sounds like a loser, she probably also thought candy was part of the four food groups and that her skin looked better stained orange by fake tanning spray than her original skin.

And for the record that ridiculous girl probably didn't know he was a drug Lord because she chose to see him for his true potential so he acted his true potential when around her. Not that i would know because I'm definitely not that girl, but its just a hypothesis of mine.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

ps... love you too