Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Get Out and Vote!

My friend, Rachel, has been nominated for a dating game courtesy of the blog Seriously So Blessed.  Check out her blog here and vote for her here.  She is awesome!  If you vote for her for no other reason than because her name is also Rachel, then you have done your job!  But you should vote for her because she's an elementary school teacher, a world traveler, a cereal lover and just a plain ole good person.  Let's get this girl a date!!!!


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Look at you putting me on there! I was going to tell you about it last week but was so embarrassed :) I teach high school though, not silly elementary, and it's in the freaking ghetto :) Thanks for voting for me - vote for me lots!

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Hey I will call you after work . . . some of us still have to do the teaching thing (ug). But we can chat as I vote for myself over and over again :)