Thursday, May 28, 2009

SYTYCD Rundown

What's with - 
  • the creepy brother and sister pair who couldn't dance but could hold hands?
  • the girl who did the contemporary dance about her feelings about being Jewish?
  • the INCREDIBLE 17 year old boy who got an automatic pass to next year's Vegas semi-finals?!?!  I love!
  • the other creepy brother and sister pair who rolled around on the floor together?  They were far too intimate for my liking.
  • Mary Murphy not being very crazy this episode?  No fun.
  • the big Asian boy that danced en pointe?  (danced on his toes whilst wearing pointe shoes)
  • Shakiro?  Yes, Shakiro.  A big, lumberjack looking boy who claimed to be able to shake his hips like Shakira.  He is mistaken.
  • Seattle having really awful dancers?
  • my insatiable urge to become a contemporary dancer?
  • "Sex" is a big way.  (this is not a vulgar post, it is a guy who tries out every season and has nicknamed himself "Sex" when his real name is David)  A direct quote, "I am a dancer, it's what I do".  He is absolutely awful.  Absolutely.
Next week - on to Vegas (happy sigh)


Eliza said...

One time I went bowling and my name was sex. It was quite embarrassing because I was with these immature guys who gave me the name and every time I went up to bowl they would chant "Sex, sex, sex, sex!" Then even when I lost they'd say, "Well, you're still the winner because you're sex."

Dani & Jake said...

ahhh... happiness = this show :) cant wait for top 20!

ps. i dont see your problem with sex?? he is hot :)

Kat said...

I'm glad you've been watching. I love this show too! This week was crazy!

Mark and Callie said...

You summed it up perfectly! There are so many freaks in this world and they all show up for SYTYCD auditions! Its great. I love it!