Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Secret Wish

Do you have a secret wish? I have too many. About two years ago I asked my friend if she had one and if so, what is it? She always felt dumb telling anyone, but luckily she told me. She always wanted to be an aerobics instructor. When she told me, I encouraged her to go for it. We spoke recently and she is only a few weeks away from being a certified instructor.

Why do we hold back? Why is it that when we are children, we are fearless? What is it about adulthood that scares us from living out our dreams?

Here are some of my secret wishes:
- I have always wanted to be a good enough singer to sing a solo in church
- I want to have the kind of confidence that would allow me to flirt without feeling stupid and self conscious
- I want to work retail
- I want to go to culinary arts school

What is your secret wish?
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rebecca said...

i would love to go to culinary school! also... i would love to be M.A.C certified:)

rachel.a.rasmussen said...

My secret wish is to throw caution to the wind and do something totally out of the ordinary: like run an orphanage in China, be a tour guide for some random back pack travel company that goes to the corners of the earth, oh and ask out that one guy in the ward that has caught my eye since day one. Oh wait, I just did that last one :) So I'm one step closer to fulfilling my secret wishes! Fun post by the way!

Hannah said...

to dance hip hop... that would be sooo awesome!

Great Scott's! said...

My secret wishes??? Hmmmm, Be a size 6 or 8(Bold information). Sing in any degree in public and sound great! Start my own, very successful business, Ive got lots of ideas. And to make it on a tv reality show, like, but not limited to: American idol, So you think you can dance, Amazing Race, Survivor, America's Got tallent, Wipeout, Meet the Newly Weds--but I think it's too late for that one. Millionare, Deal or no Deal, Wheel of Fortune, Jepordy, SLN okay you get the jist.So now I will stop.

Linda said...

My secret wishes:
- To work in a mortuary.
- To get cleared to drive again.
- To hold African AIDS babies who I am convinced..need me.
- To travel to India and teach English at Rising Star Outreach school.
- To hook up Rachel with a date with a guy at lizzie's farewell who was DYING to meet her (no, it's not my son!) but he's too CHICKEN!
- To travel more, especially back to Japan to visit my host family.
- To go on a family vacation with all the family to London in Christmas 2010 to pick up Lizzie.
- to not have to work
- to be skinny enough to fit into my daughter's clothes.
- to fix my skin pigmentation problems.
- to kidnap my husband to a secret hideway and vacation that's not work oriented. Somewhere close to home though.

Jerilyn said...

I want to be a national geographic Photographer and travel the world doing it.
I want to be a famous makeup artist
I want to be an EMT so I can help, and be a part of all the action that I normally just drive by.

Nicki said...

I totally agree with #1. Also thinking about going to school one day to be a chef...well see :)

Eliza said...

My secret wish wouldn't be secret if I told you. But I am working on it. Thanks for this post. Love you!