Monday, June 29, 2009

Worst Movies Ever

A few years ago I foolishly watched Grease 2 and immediately fell in love. It is soooooo bad! I love finding really, really bad movies because they are just so much fun to laugh at. My sister, Meghan, and I have loosely compiled a list of some of the all time worst and if you wouldn't mind leaving your most hated in my comments section, it would be appreciated!

Here's the list:

Grease 2
Swept Away
Feeling Minnesota
Cutting Edge 3 (yes, apparently there is also a 2)
Sweet November
...there has to be more that I am forgetting


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

Blue Crush and Elizabethtown are my two favorite terrible movies that make for guilty-pleasure viewing

McCall B. said...

Nothing bugs Stephe more than when I start busting out a Grease II song. I really like to sing "Cool Rider" when we are on our little scooter. I have to be careful that he doesn't push me off for doing it. That movie is tooo good.

Eliza said...

Ha ha ha, I think I've seen cutting edge 2.

Hmmmmm...are these guilty pleasure movies or movies we actually hate?

Because I absolutely loath The Notebook and Pearl Harbor.

And I think you forgot to put Twilight on the list. ;)

Jake and Bryton said...

i would have to say the new movie Australia with Nicole Kidman. oh man it was awful. 4 hours long and it felt like 4 different movies in one. it changed from a silly movie to an adventure, to a romance, to tragedy, and everyone lived. it never ended!!

Lindsey said...

i like the corness(is that really a word?) of grease 2