Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dear Shanna,

Thanks for being a fantastic friend. My love can only be described through something permanent like a tattoo. Of Zack Morris.  During his super big hair years.  If I could, I would get a picture of you tattooed on my calf with the words "Shay Par-tay!"

You're welcome.

I love you.

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Great Scott's! said...

That is disgusting, and hilarious at the exact same time. Thanks for the props, Hun. I would only let you if I could pick the pic! It would be something hot, like me on a bear skinned rug, wearing a leopard leotard, sipping on a frosty with fries sticking out of it. That's right, if you are reading this comment, pause for a moment, and grab a tissue, and wipe your drool. I'll wait............ Did you get it all? Okay I am glad your taken care of. Rachel, what are you waiting for...do it.