Sunday, August 30, 2009


I became the luckiest girl alive the day that Julie Jenkins moved in with me back in our dumpy, dirty house in San Diego. It's not typical to meet someone and form an immediate connection, but we did. We spent many, many nights talking politics, religion, positive thinking and every once in a while, boys. She is a gem!

Friday night I got the opportunity to hang out with Julie, her cool husband Joby and their darling baby boy, Cru. I have not laughed so long our loud in a very long time. They never make me feel like the third wheel! It's good to know that after marriage and an awesome baby they are still the super cool kids that they were when Julie and I were roommates and Joby was the guy whose dog we took care of.

Julie - let's get lunch with Kalli this week so we can begin work on that manuscript....Remember, I told you I'm not funny in print! So we need to bring a tape recorder to get all the awesome anecdotes I drop over a sandwich or taco. Love you! (you too Joby!)


Allreds said...

??? How did I miss this post?? As I read...a single tear slowly crept down my face and then fell to the floor making a tear puddle which shaped the word "I love Rachel." No joke. That was like the most fun night ever. Now that Bradys gone you are our john dorian! For sure anytime this week. You are most definitely beyond witty in print...but its like power rangers. Were more powerful when we come Paradise Bakery.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

oops I didn't realize my sister was logged in on my computer. That comment...obviously from me. Let me also add an "s" to "word" in that comment and you are pretty much the coolest person I know.

Kalli Ko said...


You can be normal after baby and marriage. Well, semi-normal.