Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fill Your Bucket

Long story - get comfy.  I met an really amazing interpreter out here in Vegas.  She is not only a tip top interpreter but also a very kind and humble person to be around.  She and I had many opportunities to talk about life and love and she gave me some great advice.  She told me to do two things -

1. Put on my "open sign"
2. Make a list of my best and favorite characteristics and focus on those

I like the way she thinks.  To be truly loved, you must love yourself first.  There is nothing wrong with celebrating the things you love about yourself!  In fact, positive thinking never did any harm so I made my list and I look forward to adding to it.  I'm not going to post it because it is for me.  But I would like to challenge everyone to make their own list.  Love yourself and you will get a lot of love in return!

It's a lot like that game "fill your bucket".  Usually it's played/conducted in a group and you go around the circle and give compliments to everyone.  You fill your self esteem bucket.  I love.  Let's play it sometime!

Wow, I really scaled back on that story.  But I still hope you got comfy!  (let me know if you have questions about the whole "open sign" thing...)


Dani & Jake said...

I have questions about the "open sign thing."

Dani & Jake said...
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Eliza said...

Love love love this post!