Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pony Trouble

Last Sunday, Eliza and I went for a walk down Timpview Drive.  This is something we do fairly regularly because we are basically an old married couple.  IT was already dark when we started out and getting pretty cold.  We were walking down a block that was lined with trees (making it even harder to see) when we both caught sight of something.  It was walking toward us slowly and creepily.  I thought it was a giant dog so I stepped behind Eliza to avoid the danger.  (I'm an awful friend, it's true).

Eliza screamed.  Then she said, "It's a pony!"

Indeed, it was.  We stood there for a second calming our nerves and then Eliza went to the nearest house to see if they owned the pony.  I hung out on the sidewalk with her as she trimmed the grass in the neighbor's yard.

Eliza came back with the guy who rents out his pasture for the pony.  He let us know that her name is Patty.  It was unsettling to be hanging out on a Provo sidewalk with an unnamed pony so I'm really glad he cleared that up.  He went to get a rope to lead her back in the pasture so Eliza and I waited with her.

Then she ran.  She took off down Timpview Drive for no apparent reason.  I, being the animal lover of the two of us, didn't want her to get hit so I took off after her with the goal of guiding her safely home.  Wrong.  Patty is much faster than me and surprisingly more stubborn as well.  She ran for about three blocks and then promptly turned and ran home.  Chasing Patty is the most exercise I have done in months.

When I got back to where I left Eliza, she was no where to be found.  I even yelled her name, thinking she was maybe also looking for me.  A neighbor with horses had helped put Patty back in the pasture and told me that Eliza was in his house.  As I was outside, freezing, thinking that Eliza was trampled or maimed by another errant pony, she was actually in some nice, warm house enjoying dried apple slices.

Eh, all's well that ends well.  I exaggerated.  I didn't think she was trampled, I thought she went home.  And she didn't get apple slices until we were both in the house.  They were divine.

If ever you're in Provo, keep an eye out for Patty.  She's a wild one.


Eliza said...

Hahaha! Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's a bad friend. You hid behind me and I waited inside until the pony was home. I saw we're even, what do you think?

McCall B. said...

freaking hilarious!