Saturday, January 16, 2010

Delicious Surprise

Last night I went to Pocatello to watch my brother compete in a track meet for UVU.  We're all SO proud! Anyway, he did really well.  He knocked a full second off of his time from last week in the 400 meter dash.  Woot!  What a stud.

You may be confused.  Maybe you think I'm referring to my little brother as a "delicious surprise". You're disgusting.  When we were leaving last night we pulled over to get gas and some food for the road.  We rounded a corner and this came into view....

I may or may not have offered a silent prayer of gratitude.  I love this place!  We don't have them in northern Utah yet POCATELLO has them?!?!  I only get my fix when I go to St George or Las Vegas.

My mom and sister were sweet enough to indulge my taste buds even though they were unfamiliar with the menu.  It was, in fact, a delicious surprise.

Have a great weekend!


Nicki said...

Your funny Rachel! Im glad a Jack n the box makes you happy. Its the little things that count right?

Great Scott's! said...

Oh Rachel, how could I pass on this? Every time we are in Arizona, Gregg and I wake up extra early to go a breakfast jacks, like everyday. I think it's a little unhealthy but I cannot resist the REAL fast food they serve there! So I have thought about starting a chain out here, with all the money I'm just dying to invest in a restaurant chain, but just so I can have it whenever I want. It would be such a hit. And you are sometimes a delicious surprise yourself, when you come to visit me, and especially when you have rubios in hand :) Let's do that soon again.