Thursday, February 25, 2010

Vegas Curse

You remember what happened the last time I was in Vegas, right?  Car broke down, cost lots of money, had a fab time, etc.

I'm back in Vegas this week and something else has failed me.  I woke up Tuesday morning and began getting ready for the day.  I put in my left contact and when I opened the right container I couldn't find my right contact.  I must have been so tired the night before that I missed the case.  

I (of course) didn't plan ahead and failed to bring extra contacts with me so I drove around with one contact for the first half of the day (yikes) and during a break between jobs I ran to LensCrafters and got some new glasses.  They are an eggplant color!

They are super cute and it's kinda fun to be forced to return to glasses for a bit.  Yep, my mistake - but again, I'm so grateful how well things turned out.  Life is good!  (Especially being able to see!)

1 comment:

Lacey and Tyler Voris said...

not fun not finding one contact, but cool getting new glasses :) always fun!