Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dairy Free Zone

As of this week, I am no longer drinking milk or eating (most) dairy products.  I cannot give up ice cream.  Impossible.  Cheese is no sweat because I'm not a huge fan anyway.

I did some research and it was a very easy decision for me.  The more I have looked into it, the more certain I am of my decision.  Any time I tell someone about my decision they spout off facts about calcium and osteoporosis.  Guess what?  Your facts that TV and health teachers taught you are incorrect.

More than a dozen different medical schools studied the effects of milk on osteoporosis and they found that milk was not a contributor in staving off bone disease.  Calcium is EASILY found in fruits and vegetables and it's pure calcium - not filtered and pasteurized.

I'm done spouting my facts - check out more at 


Eliza said...

You tell them Rachel! You tell them!

Oh but what about pizza? Can you live with out that?

Kristy said...

I fully support your no milk adventure! I do love drinking milk, but I do believe in the facts that you were saying. I wish you luck! And I did not like the B&J flavor this time, Chocolate PB swirl. I think I have learned to love chocolate brownie too much=)

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

Dude I totally agree. My decision was based purely off how it made me feel. I'm not lactose intolerant, but I just feel sluggish and gross everytime I drink milk or eat cheese. Therefore I had to cut them out of my diet. I get enough calcium in green vegitables. so suck it milk!

Jake & Bryton said...

THANK YOU! i have been alone in this argument my whole life. no one believed me that i could get the same nutrients out of green veggies. geese.