Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm "Sick"

A few weeks ago I went to a movie with the lovely and talented Jerilyn.  One of the previews included some familiar music.  It was the theme to the soap opera "The Young and the Restless"...both of us had a story.  Jerilyn used to watch with her mom (I'm jealous); whereas my story was much more devious.

I used to fake being sick ALL the time in junior high and high school so that I could -
a) skip Seminary
b) sleep in
c) watch "The Price is Right"
d) watch Y&R

I LOVED that soap!  They had the most beautiful actors, fantastic story lines, ROMANCE, and it was on late enough that if I slept through Price is Right I could still get up in time for Y&R.

I would set my alarm for a random time, like 2:37am, go to my mom's room and tell her I threw up or something and then she wouldn't wake me up in the morning for Seminary and school.  It was a perfect formula.  Luckily I still got really good grades or my mom probably wouldn't have let me get away with it.  I'm positive she knew I was faking but I was a good (nerdy) kid so she let me do it.  Again, my mom rocks!


Benjamin said...

With the tagline "I'm sick" I was totally expecting a mean girls reference. I was always happy when I was able to stay home and watch the price is right too :D

Dani & Jake said...

I as well was picturing mean girls from reading your title, but I enjoyed this post anyways :) We should have been friends in jr high/hs.. I was never smart enough to think of that!

Hannah Neville McMillan said...

hahahaha. you're such a bad girl! ;)

Eliza said...

My dad always told me that if I was too sick to go to school then I was too sick to watch TV so I wasn't allowed to watch TV if I stayed home sick. You're a lucky duck! (and clever too, you would set your alarm, wow that takes brains, I never would have thought of that.)

However, if I wanted to skip school I would just tell my mom and she would write me a note.