Saturday, March 13, 2010

Sleeping Over

Since I was a little girl I had an odd desire/fascination about getting locked in a store over night.  When I was growing up we lived across the street from a mini mart and I would always strategize my plan of attack on the candy, chips and sodas for when I happened to get locked in.

My plan was simple - start with salty stuff because then I could move on to sweets without filling up too much.  Sodas and chocolate milk would be permanently in my left hand as I made my way through the store.  Shockingly (or not), it never happened.

I wasn't a fat kid, I just have ALWAYS had a thing for junk food.  Always.  My mom said she craved Mountain Dew and Tootsie Rolls while pregnant with me, so maybe that's where I get it from.  Thanks mom!

Now, if I could get locked in any store it would be....

...the Mother Land.

I went there today with the intentions of only buying mouth wash, conditioner and Easter candy (fat girl alert!) but of course, I spent about $120.  I have considered being locked into Costco but the cold, warehouse feel would not make for a pleasant night.  Target is the best all-around candidate for over night stays.  They have food, shelter, movies, CANDY, clothes!, and any toiletry needs that may arise.

Go Target!  I hope to spend a night with you sometime :)


Eliza said...

I have always had that same wish.

BionicKatie said...

I agree Sarah. Target is the place to be. It was good to see you today. with your cart full of stuff. It was nice to talk to you as well. thanks and stopping by and visit a little.

your fellow EB3 deafie,
Katie Anderson

Dani & Jake said...

I totally agree. Target would be my first choice hands down. Let me know if you happen to get locked in one day so I can come join you, yah?