Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Story

On Monday morning I called Gallaudet's Deaf Studies department to try to get more info on when they would be mailing out acceptance/rejection letters.  The secretary said that they would try to mail them this week.  Grrrr.....

My mom was in Utah Valley that afternoon to take care of my sick brother, Taylor.  I told her to not be rushing to the mailbox just yet because the letters hadn't even gone out yet.  I gave Gallaudet my parents' address because it is permanent, whereas I tend to move every 32 days or so.

I had a job in Salt Lake until 11:30pm (bleh) and when I was done I had a text from my mom asking me to text her.  I did and she asked what my schedule for Tuesday was.  (Luckily) I had no work so she let me know my letter had come in the mail that day.  She got home around 10pm and was shocked to find it, especially because I had just told her to not expect it!

I drove home immediately!  Oh, and a light in my dashboard went on, so of course I ignored it.  I got home at 1:30am and my mom came right out.  She can't sleep when she knows we're traveling or there is big news on the way (she's awesome).  She handed me a regular sized envelope and said, "I expected a big manila envelope".  So did I.  I told myself that envelope size didn't matter and I wouldn't be disappointed if it wasn't manila and large.

We went into the kitchen, I opened it and saw, "On behalf of the Deaf Studies department I am pleased...." and I stopped reading.  I said, "I got in" and we both started crying and hugging in the kitchen at 1:32am.  Awesome!

The next morning I was awoken by my mom telling me that one of my tires was completely flat!  That's what the light on my dashboard was!  I was incredibly lucky (blessed) to make it to Logan without incident.  

I'm in.  That's one worry off my mind!

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Hannah Neville McMillan said...

HOORAY FOR YOU! and if you actually go there, HOORAY FOR US!