Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ring! Ring!

For starters - I really hate coming up with titles for my posts.  I'm not creative, which should be evident by my awesome titles.  While not the point of this post, it is still something of note.

I have had a cell phone for about 9 years.  It has never once gone off in an inappropriate place like church or the movies.  Why then, do I still hear them ring in such places?  Why are reminders at the movies necessary?  And my favorite question - after such reminders, why do people still not silence them???

While in New York my sisters and I went and saw "Phantom of the Opera" on Broadway (holler!).  There was the standard reminder and the ushers were even scolding people who were texting, etc right before it started.  How is it possible that THREE cell phones rang during the performance?  And how is it possible that I didn't get up and slap the woman who let hers go to voicemail?

Am I alone in this?  Yes, the occasional accident is fine but after you hear one go off, shouldn't that make everyone in the audience take a moment, back track in that forgetful mind of theirs and conjure up the memory of silencing or not silencing their phone?

There are far too many questions in the post.


Jerilyn said...

I'll I'm gonna say is they are they same people who bring their small babies to movies and let them scream and cry. They have no social awareness or consideration.

AshMasta said...

Amen to you and double amen to Jerilyn!