Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where Are Your Pants?

The last few years have brought an onslaught of new, young female singers (entertainers?) and with the introduction of every new one, they introduce us to crazier and crazier "fashions".

Granted, Madonna has always been kind of out there in left field, but when it came to costumes, she was in a league of her own.  Gone are the days of bubble gum pop and now it's all about the weird, wacky and bizarre.  I'm sure you recognize some of these ladies.....

I'm sure you're used to seeing a lot more of Lady Gaga's flesh.  My apologies.

Christina has always tried to push the envelope, but now this married mother seems to be losing her fight against conformity.  I would love her SO much more if she would just sing like we know she can!

You may not be familiar with Solange, but you're definitely familiar with her big sister, Beyonce.  I've heard her sing and she's definitely talented....are the clothes a distraction or an attempt to step out of someone's shadow?

Any guesses on how old Taylor Momsen is?
Yep.  Yikes.  She typically wears torn lingerie and raccoon mascara eyes when she performs with her band.

Rihanna has only started stepping into the crazy the last year or so.  She never used to dress like this until her most recent album was released.  It's been all about those leotard jumpsuit things lately.  Ummm....

Oh hey there Ke$ha.  I believe it's pronounce Kesha, not Ke-dollar sign-ha.  She is trying her best to bring the crazy and I think she is definitely succeeding.  (Give yourself a pat on the back)  Her recent appearance on Saturday Night Live featured her in neon glow-in-the-dark body paint.  

When will the madness end?  I hope this doesn't influence the country music scene....


QueenMeadow said...

You crack me up :). Ke-dollar sign-ah, awesome.

Dani & Jake said...

Haha please tell me you watch the soup and you saw when he said "Ke-dollar sign-ah??" made my day