Tuesday, August 17, 2010

On the Road Again

My dad and I left my parent's house this morning at 9:30 and we are now hunkered down in a hotel somewhere in Nebraska.  The trip is going well!  We are almost done listening to The Hunger Games on audiobook.  I already read it but I thought my dad might enjoy it - and boy, was I right!  He loves it!  We're pretty excited for more driving so that we can listen to Catching Fire.

Tomorrow we'll make our way to Nauvoo and spend the evening and the next morning there.  This is really happening!  Hooray for a new chapter!


Kati said...

Yes it is! So exciting!

P.S. I ordered Mockingjay online, will arrive to me at Gallaudet on the 26th. Can't wait! Do they do the voices good on the audiotape?

Suzie said...

Have so much fun. I love Nauvoo...it has a special place in my heart! Good luck on your journey... :)

rachel! said...

Kati - it's one lady who reads the book and does all the character's voices. She has a great reading voice but some of her voices are kind of ridiculous. But it is still AMAZING!!!!