Sunday, August 15, 2010

Photo of the Day: Leaving

Today I am leaving Provo to go to my parent's house and then on Tuesday my dad and I will start the trek to DC.

I chose this photo because it is from Eliza's backyard.  I have lived in her parent's basement for almost a year and I have learned two things:

1 - Provo is fine, but I don't ever want to live here again
2 - The Baird family is lovely.  Eliza's parents are great, they have been welcoming, showed genuine concern about my life and have treated me like a daughter.  Eliza's siblings have been amazing when they are over here.  They chat with me, they remember things about me and they are very fun and sincere people.

Leaving Provo - not sad.
Leaving the Bairds - very sad.


Rebecca A said...

Utah is sad to see you go! And all of us in it :)

Eliza said...

Thanks for the sweet words about my family. We have loved having you live with us. :) Good luck in DC!

Dave and Lizzie Barrett said...

I hope you have so much fun in DC. You will meet so many cool people and make a lot of friends, you are very like-able like that. :)

Amber said...

Good luck!!

Kati said...

Have a safe trip! I'll see you soon! (Prob the 28th in DC 2nd!)

Jerilyn said...

I miss you already :(