Wednesday, August 25, 2010

True Story

Today I had to go the the second story of a building for a job.  I look around, don't see stairs, get in the elevator and and am followed in by a man in bicycle shorts who is carrying a bike helmet.

I push the button for the second floor and as the doors are closing I turn slightly and see the stairs.

"Oh my gosh - there are the stairs!"  I exclaim, pointing to the now visible stairs leading to my destination.  (Really talking to no one but myself, but these things tend to be verbalized rather than stay cooped up in my noggin)

"I'm so glad you said something because I was like, oh my gosh she looks like she's healthy and she's seriously taking the elevator up one flight of stairs!  What has this world come to?!?"  Spandex Man gushed.

Right.  I'm glad it was just one quick floor for me because it seemed as though he could keep going.  Did I appreciate his admission of judgment?  Meh.  Didn't matter, but I didn't want a lecture on smoothies and bike riding either.

By the way, when the job was over I walked down the stairs like a HEALTHY person would do.  
Then I went to Starbucks for something delicious and fatty.


Suzie said...

haha, you got to love conversations with complete strangers! I had one myself today..check out my blog to see it! :)

rachel said...

Haha, awesome.
The starbucks part. ;)