Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 By 30

(photo taken from the SUPER tragic le love image)

A few months ago my lovely friend, Jerilyn, posted a list of 30 things she wants to do before turning 30.  I have been thinking about it since she posted her list and I'm still struggling to come up with 30 things.  I thought I should post my list though, no matter how incomplete.  I have less than 2 years but I know I can do it!

1. Go skydiving
2. Take a cooking class (nothing gourmet, just the basics)
3. Run a half marathon
4. Take Spanish classes, I need to be ready for when my brother gets back rom Chile
5. Take a ballet class
6. Work on self mastery (i.e. going to bed instead of watching Hulu until 3am, etc)
7. NIC Advanced (this was on my list before yesterday, I promise)
8. Get in good shape and maintain
9. Live in DC (also on my list before last month)
10. Backpack Europe
11. $XX,000 in savings (for my eyes only)
12. Own a designer bag (probably Chanel)
13. Travel to at least 2 more places on my list
14. Create a budget and strictly stick to it for 3 months
15. See Wicked in NYC
16. See Les Miserables onstage
17. Do some performance interpreting here in DC
18. Receive my endowment
19. Do the Anne of Green Gables tour on Prince Edward Island (can't wait!)
20. Go to Harry Potter World in Florida
21. Take a photography class
22. Re-read A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and To Kill A Mockingbird
23. .........

It used to be that I would think that having a house or some other representation of stability was necessary by the age of 30, but I have realized that a house would never make me happy.  I'm happy as I am and I'm super happy and excited to start working on this list.  Happiness comes from good relationships and being content with yourself.  I'm grateful to have both and to have dear friends who do as well.  I'm quite blessed!


rachel.a.rasmussen said...

I was totally going to use that image from Le Love soon but that's ok - I have nothing to blog about using it, I just enjoyed the image itself :)

Love the list - endowment getting is super. And it's nice that you live in DC where there is a SUPER large temple! (I know in Utah you had about six gazillion choices but you know, I'm looking glass half full here). Secretly I'm waiting around for Gilbert's temple to be built since it's supposed to be the last of the large ones and then I'm outta here :)

rebecca said...

i wish we lived in the same city so we could dance ballet together!

i am thinking im going to take over your life for a full week in the spring. as soon as my account recovers from slovakia (ps.... its ON!) and whenever ashley can get away from life.

hope things are going great. love your guts.

Kati said...

Awesome! I just reviewed my list of 100 things to do before I die a couple days ago...fun to look at, and awesome to cross some off! And I'm going to NYC in a couple weeks, and I'm hoping to see Wicked!

Lambini said...


What a great idea and fun adventures. I will totally meet you for WICKED in NYC, just let me know when. I could always use a good haircut from there too!

The endowment thing is pretty coolio, I just had to reexamine the closet a wee bit after. otherwise, great experience and you don't have to feel all left out when they say "ward temple night is... hope you all can come".

rachel, we are soooooooo much alike, i love it. thanks for posting many of my thoughts on your blog, we are twinners.

Lindsey said...

what about scuba driving?? I think your list is really good so far. i hope you check all of it off.

Suzie said...

What a great list! I made a "Bucket List" to 30, and I only have *gasp* 3 months until that day. So, I'm frantically trying to get those done. I hope you reach all your goals! :)

Jerilyn said...

Lets examine some things of yours that overlap with mine.
-Mine: Go to Fla, Go to Disney World, Go to NYC, go to broadway play.
-Yours: Go to Harry Potter world (which is IN Fla., and part of Disney world,), Go to NYC to see Wicked, and see Les Mis.
UMMM if we do not do a double check off together, it will be very tragic. Its a must.

Jerilyn said...

ps I love your list so far :)

Ashley said...

I would LOVE to help you with number 15! I should come up with something like this. Hollar for Jerilyn!

Gregg said...

WOO HOO! NIC Advanced! Even though Shanna already told me you passed, I thought I'd leave a congratulatory comment along with a high five that can be picked up from Shanna or myself the next time you're in town. Way to rock it!

Eliza said...

There is a Harry Potter Land in Florida and we didn't go?

kate said...

It surprised me how hard it was to come up with a list! I can't even remember all of mine....I think I had CL shoes on mine :) And where is traveling to Ireland and New Zealand on there missy???

I need to make a list and laminate it.