Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Today was a great day for some great conversations.  


I was walking to the post office and I heard a guy talking on his phone, he said, "It's okay because we're only kind of Jewish".  Nice.

Once in the post office I got to the clerk to mail off a package.  He looked at my license and noticed it was from Utah.  He said, "Can I ask you a question about Utah?"  I said, of course, that would be fine.

He leaned close to me, looked me in the eye and asked, "Is polygamy legal in Utah?".  I had to laugh out loud.  I let him know that it's not legal in any state in the US, to which he replied, "Oh, so they just tolerate it in Utah?"  Ha!

Geez, you host a smashingly successful Olympics and all people can focus on is plural marriage?  Yikes!

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Jerilyn said...

You should have said. "Well if it isn't, then I'm in biiiig trouble!"

I love hearing the middle of random peoples conversations and wondering what it all meant. :)