Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gush x 2

"They spoke very little of their mutual feelings: pretty phrases and warm attentions being probably unnecessary between such tried friends"

-thomas hardy
far from the maddening crowd

I have been in a bit of a funk lately.  Just feeling a little uninspired and a bit like a hamster on a wheel.  This week was amazing.  Work was fine.  Roommates - whatev.  Weather, alright.

The difference is that I was remembered.  Thank you, Ashley and Becca.  You made this week amazing.  Thank you for being in my life and reaching out to your old friend right when you didn't know how bad I needed it.

I included the above quote because I don't believe it to be true.  I gush about you ladies all the time and I enjoy telling you how much I love you, miss you, respect and adore you.  Notice how it says "probably unnecessary between such tried friends"?  I will never find it unnecessary - you girls need to know how much I value you.  

Thank you,
I love you,
I'm crying at 1:40am in DC.

I miss you.


rebecca said...

i love you ONE BILLION!
cant wait to see europe with you!

rachel said...

That is an awesome,awesome quote, I've never seen it before...
Old friends=best friends.
I hope you feel better soon hun! xx

Ashley said...

I am officially getting that quote tattooed on my heart. Thanks for being so easy to be friends with. I'm counting down the days until your here. Keep on keeping on. Love you.