Monday, November 29, 2010

Post About My Trip #1

Yes, the title alludes to the fact that there will be multiple posts about how awesome the past 10 or so days have been.  Deal.

Something of note - I dislike pictures of myself which is why about 99% of these will be of things that I like.  Again, deal.  I know, I know, ya'll want to see me in Ireland or whatev but I was there, I promise, so just enjoy the lovely photos sans Ms. Rachel.

Thursday the 18th I bussed it on up to NYC for the midnight premiere of Harry Potter.  It was AWESOME.  I really love the feeling at midnight showings because there is a very specific energy that is hard to capture if you see it after a few days.  Harry did not disappoint! (except for that one scene....ahem....Harry, Hermione.....right)   I'm already planning to see it again!

Friday I wandered New York by myself and came across a sweet Farmer's Market 

Check it out - 

While I was there I was interviewed on camera for market research.  A guy approached me and asked if I was from New York.  When I said no he asked if I wouldn't mind lying on camera and saying that I was.  Of course that was no problem.  It was about smartphones and technology.

I swear, if I end up on some stupid commercial for the iPad and I don't get compensated ($$$$) then I'm gonna be pissed.

After the Market I went to Central Park to walk around.  May I recommend going for a stroll whilst listening to your newly downloaded Huey Lewis and the News playlist?  It's heaven.  Seriously, as I was walking up to Central Park the song "Power of Love" from Back to the Future came on.  Think about that for a minute.  Awesome.

Here's pictures.  Hooray.


Saturday morning we got up, went to brunch at  Fred's (named for the owner's dog), got manicures and a 20 minute massage, bought pomegranate colored Tom's (finally!), bought a grey scarf and skinny jeans (what the!) at 40% off at GAP, and boarded a plane to Ireland.  

More pics and posts to come :)

Oh, and some really awesome stories


McCall B. said...

I'm so impressed with your photography. Even if you don't like posting them, I miss your cute face so let's see some Rachel pictures!

in morse code said...

i love huey lewis and the news!!!! i knew we were friends for a reason...ha! hey so we will be in NYC Dec 28th-31st. Should we try to meet???

Kristy said...

Please tell me that Heart and Soul is your favorite Huey Lewis song. "hot lovin' every night. whoa!"

Love them. Love your blog. Love that you bought skinny jeans. I haven't been brave enough yet.