Thursday, January 27, 2011

Another DC Day

Scene: Old man with a walker on the sidewalk, seemingly trying to hail a cab

Me: "Are you trying to get a cab? That one stopped but I'm not sure if he knew you wanted in"

He: "I know he saw me. You know what that's called? Discrimination! He saw that I'm disabled and kept on driving. That's illegal!"

Me: "Okay. Um, do you want me to wait with you or try to get you a cab?"

He: "NO! If you're not going to help then just go away!"

Me (backing away quickly): "Alright - well that was my attempt at helping. Have a great day!"

I scurried away toward the metro and when I was almost a block away I heard yelling. I turned around and it appears that someone else stopped to talk to him. I heard, "Leave me alone!". I love this city. 

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Kati said...

Haha, nice! I was with some friends the other day (we were signing) in Union Station and a man came up and wanted money. My friend offered him food and he said he wouldn't take it because he had been poisoned before. Then he left and came back, asked if we read lips, and started saying that it was because of the white people. He had been poisoned, and white people were hurting black people economically. I was like hmmm, Will would really enjoy this conversation...