Monday, January 17, 2011

Bigger is 'Better'


Yep, Starbucks is going XL and is introducing the trenta size (31 oz).
Not all states will get the pleasure of the trenta immediately, but we here in Virginia will.
Here's the problem. I have a weakness for the double chocolate chip frappucino. 
The venti size is 740 calories....and I always get the venti.

That will be my downfall come swimsuit season.
Curse you, Starbucks.

I find the timing interesting, much like this post. Is it because I've been researching healthy eating lately that I seem to think all of America is as well? Possible, definitely possible. Either way, Starbucks totally sold-out. Way to go all Wal*Mart on us. Geez.

What a hipster thing to say. You know I'll be singing a different tune tomorrow when I'm enjoying my 1127 calorie frappucino. 

Oh hello thighs.

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